Parvadhamalai Yatra Photos – 2015

July 13th night 10.00 PM we started to Parvadhmalai July 14th Early morning 2.00 A.M we reached Parvadhamali Kadaladi Ashram around 40 members, We started to trekking on 3.00 AM, We reached temple at around 7.00 AM Had good dharshan and  had breakfast the we started climbdown we reached kadaladi ashram at 10.30 We had Lunch then we came to home at 4.30 PMIMG-20150713-WA0130IMG-20150713-WA0147IMG-20150713-WA0131IMG-20150713-WA0139IMG-20150713-WA0126IMG-20150713-WA0135IMG-20150713-WA0122IMG-20150713-WA0118IMG-20150713-WA0116IMG-20150713-WA0111IMG-20150713-WA0102IMG-20150713-WA0141[1]

Parvatha malai Yatra – July 2015

Parvathamalai is located at Thenmahadevamangalam village which is about 20 kms off Polur. Polur is some 35 kms north of Thiru Annamalai (Arunachala). There’s a very powerful Lord Shiva temple at the top of the Parvathamalai hill. Devas and spiritual beings from other lokas worship here every night. This is a place visited by numerous Siddhas for Shiva worship. Reaching the hill is somewhat difficult. Hence it is better to start early in the morning and return as early as possible. During the Pournami full moon, this hill attracts a lot of devotees. This is a place vested with a lot of spiritual power.


Podhigai Malai Yatra – January 2015

Pothigai or Agasthyamalai has long been called as a sacred mountain associated with the sage Agasthya. This is also known as Agasthyakoodam in Kerala. The Pothigai hills is in the Thiruvanandhapuram district of Kerala in a height of 1,866 meters, it is the highest peak in the southern mountain. The temple placed in a huge dense forest and taken by the control of Kerala government. In recent years it has been recognized for spiritual yatra between Jan to March of every year.

The Yatra starts from Kerala Tea-estate, we can reach the top hill camp by seven hours of journey. Another three hour needs to reach Pothigai Temple top hill. This is a very dense forest, we can’t see the sunlight in the mountain. We have to get a pass or ticket from the Kerala government before start the spiritual journey.

To make a Journey:

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Tourist Information


The administrative responsibility of this park lies with the Wildlife Warden, Trivandrum. The airport and railway station at
Trivandrum are very close to the Reserve. Bus route extends only till Bonakkadu, making a 35 kms walk unavoidable to reach
the park. A maximum of 50 persons per day is allowed into the park. Visitors are issued an entry pass from the Trivandrum
Wildlife Division against payment of Rs 50. It is better to halt at Athiramal, as there are no facilities for accommodation near
the park.

For further details contact
Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife),
Forest Headquarters,
Trivandrum 695 014.
Phone : 0471 322217

Chief Conservator (Agasthyavanam)
Phone: 325385